Raw bars

Raw bars

Bars made from dates and nuts, without heat treatment. Gluten and lactose free, manually cold pressed.

Müsli bars

Müsli bars

Bars made from oat and barley flakes, nuts and fruits. Your energy source for every day.

Buckwheat bars

Buckwheat bars

Bars made from of buckwheat, nuts and fruits. The exclusive formula of naturally gluten-free.

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MARVA s.r.o.

Bauerova 1199/40

Košice 040 23

IČO:47 560 126


IČ DPH: SK2023977065

Contact person:

Ing. Martin Varga

tel. +421-907 105 935

e-mail: info@marva.sk


MARVA tyčinkáreň

Slnečnicová 26

Malá Ida 044 20

GPS: 48°40’51.9″N 21°10’24.4″E

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